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“ I have thanked the Lord for all of the accomplishments that Shalom Center has had for me and others. I will continue praying for Shalom Center and all its marvelous works.”

“Thank you for being a place full of miracles because I am now one of them, thanks be to God.”

“My experience at Shalom Center was awesome, and I would suggest this time at Shalom to any religious or clergy.”

“As a vicar for Clergy I have visited most of the places that treat priests. Shalom Center is impressive in its retreat -like environment, a true resident community, and individualized and holistic treatment.”

“I am impressed with the responsiveness of your staff to all of the details and demands that we provincials can sometimes make.”


“As a result of my time at Shalom, I am feeling the first authentic peace and love for God that I have ever felt. You can be sure that others will receive blessings as a result of my stay.”


“Thank you for running such a wonderful place as Shalom Center.  My time here has been very life-giving. I appreciated the joy and peacefulness of this sacred place.”


“Thank you for welcoming me to this holy ground. And thank you for running this place full of miracles because I am now one of them, thanks be to God.”


“You are running a very, very fine and GOOD ministry here at Shalom. Thank you for walking that “tight-rope” between Shalom being too strict or too liberal in overseeing and monitoring the residents. Just know that your efforts to be flexible and make Shalom like a home, not like a place where someone would be institutionalized, are appreciated by us residents. May God bless you with ongoing success.”

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