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Distinct from the Residential Distinct from the Residential Treatment Program is the Shalom Center Sabbatical Program, a personal growth program tailored to individual needs and offered in a warm and caring environment.     


The Sabbatical Program offers an individualized approach with a focus on the spiritual, psychological, relational, ministerial and physical dimensions of life. The secluded grounds of Shalom Center offer an opportunity to interweave the dimensions of personhood and assist in moving forward on life’s spiritual and human journey.   


The natural beauty of Shalom Center’s grounds allows one to walk, meditate and pray.  The friendly and welcoming staff in all departments are willing and able to assist the process of renewal. The cuisine in our dining room offers a nutritious and balanced diet. Our indoor swimming pool and massage therapy offer effective means to restore one’s energies and revitalize the body.     


While one relaxes, reflects and renews, the Sabbatical Program offers an opportunity to process previous life experience and focus on future goals and directions. The program allows one to decrease the pressures of daily stressors and address personal issues in a safe and peaceful environment. Shalom Center offers the comforts of home in new residential units without the stress of daily interruptions and intrusions.

“Let anyone who believes in me come and drink!

As scripture says, “From his heart shall flow streams of living water.”

— John 7:38


The beautiful chapel of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in the center of our campus allows parti-cipants to celebrate the Eucharist each morning and to end the day with Evening Prayer in a faith community setting. The chapel also allows a quiet place for individual prayer and adoration. Spiritual Counseling, Personal  Reflection, and Meditation offer means for spiritual renewal and strengthening.     


A variety of educational experiences centered on skill-building complement the participant’s experience. Participation in 12-Step programs is available. Each of our Sabbatical experiences are adjusted to individual needs to allow the time and space to reclaim one’s spiritual focus for future ministry and direction.     


Also available as part of the Sabbatical experience is a comprehensive evaluation program to identify issues which may be presenting challenges or roadblocks to a fulfilling ministry. This can provide a baseline to measure growth and progress.



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