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The men and women who come to Shalom Center are in transition. They have many opportunities to pray and meditate on their life path. They are encouraged to listen to God speaking to them through their experience and are accompanied by a dedicated and experienced staff as they
make changes towards greater commitment in knowing, loving
and serving God and others.


With a dedicated staff of professionals, many have been helped in their own human and spiritual journeys to become more effective ministers, enabling others to experience the compassion of a loving and faithful God.




The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is at the core of the spirituality of Shalom Center. Jesus’ love in the giving of His every single drop of Blood for love of us reassures our residents in their journey of recovery. Our founder, Father James Harnan, was a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, so he influenced the early days of Shalom Center in this devotion.     

Our chapel is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Our administration building’s new wing is the Sacred Heart Conference Center. The above beautiful marble mosaic, a project of our residents and graduates, hangs in our Sacred Heart Room.  Deeply realizing and, sometimes rediscovering, the love of Jesus makes all the difference in the kind of healing that takes place at Shalom Center.

“You are precious in my eyes and
glorious, and I love you.”
Isaiah 43:4


“ I thanked the Lord for all the achievements that Shalom Center has had for me and for others. I will continue to pray for the Shalom Center and all its wonderful works.” ​


"Thank you for being a place full of miracles because now I am one of them, thank God." ​


“My experience at the Shalom Center was incredible, and I would suggest Shalom this time to any religious or clergy.” ​


“As vicar for the clergy, I have visited most of the places that treat priests. Shalom Center is impressive in its retreat setting, true community of residents, and individualized, holistic treatment.” ​


“I am impressed with the responsiveness of your staff to all the details and demands that sometimes we provincials can make. I will definitely refer another member of the community to you.” ​


“I'm glad there is a place that can provide treatment in Spanish. Shalom Center is a great gift for the Church today.”

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