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Shalom Center offers individual counseling for seminarians, ordained ministers and men and women religious. Providing support and professional help to those seeking wellness and personal growth is an integral part of our ministry to ministers.         


Our fully credentialed clinical staff are available to help individuals address a variety of issues pertaining to their personal life, interpersonal relationships and ministry. Everyone who seeks our services will be treated with the utmost respect and strict confidentiality.       


Shalom Center also offers monthly priest support groups. Each group consists of no more than eight priests and focuses on the spiritual, ministry and personal growth issues of each participant. Typical areas that surface during group experience may include: strengths and challenges in ministry, stress, dealing with and resolving staff conflicts, intimacy and celibacy issues, growing spiritually, transitions and changes in assignments, Pastor-Parochial Vicar relationships and maintaining a healthy and balanced life.


Shalom Center staff is also available to pro- vide workshops to priests, deacons, seminarians and religious communities in various areas of interest such as boundaries, sexuality, stress and conflict management, etc. It is essential to our mission to assist ministers and religious men and women to cultivate a healthy, joyful and effective life.  


“Be renewed in the spirit of your

minds, and put on the new nature.”

— Ephesians 4:23-24


In 2012 Shalom Center formed a Spanish-language task force of national experts to help Shalom Center form a Spanish-language treatment option that would meet the needs of those whose first language is Spanish.  Because of our commitment to treatment on one’s first language, Shalom Center offers ASSESSMENT, PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES
INDIVIDUAL THERAPY, GROUP THERAPY, and EDUCATION in the Spanish language as well as English.


The language of the heart becomes the language of the treatment at Shalom Center.  Bilingual therapists offer a significant service to the Church of today.

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