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Shalom Center is a holistic treatment and renewal center for clergy and men and women religious. Shalom Center’s dedicated professional
staff addresses the spiritual, psychological, physical, intellectual and vocational dimensions of the person.


This multi-disciplinary approach to health and healing is deeply rooted in the context of a Catholic faith community. This sacred journey is designed to enable individuals to return to their ministry more “fully human, fully alive.”


The objective of the assessment process is to assist a person in self-understanding as well as to identify problematic issues that need to be addressed to enable a person to minister more effectively. If at any point during the rigorous assessment process an individual is discovered to suffer from more serious problems that have or could potentially result in criminal behavior, it is our policy to refer him/her elsewhere.


Our assessment includes: clinical interviews; a battery of psychological tests; psychosocial, spiritual, ministry and addiction profiles; and when indicated, psychiatric assessment, neuropsychological testing and physical examination. Specialized testing can be done if needed, depending on each person’s needs and circumstances. Services are available in English and Spanish.

“According to the grace of God given to me,

like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation.”

— 1 Corinthians 3:10


Three Levels of Assessment


Level I

A 2-day Basic Psychological Assessment for candidates to the Seminary or Religious Life


Level II

A 5-day Comprehensive Psychological Assessment for individuals experiencing mental health problems, stress and burnout, difficulties in ministry and relationships, and for boundary violations


Level III

A 10-day Psychological Assessment and Brief Intervention which includes the components of the Comprehensive Assessment plus brief counseling and intervention strategies