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Where Do Our Residents Come From?

Shalom Center has increased its presence well beyond the state of Texas in recent years to become a national and even international center for priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers, and seminarians to renew their health and wellness.

In the year 2017, Texas again was the leading state of residents for referrals to our programs, but residents also came from 24 other states from Rhode Island to Florida and west to California. Second to Texas in admissions were Kansas and Oklahoma.

In addition, residents came from several other countries, including Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, Jamaica, Republic of the Congo, Germany, Tanzania, Poland, and Vietnam.

Shalom Center is the only treatment program for Catholic clergy and religious that has therapists, physician, and counselors who speak Spanish. While 60 percent of persons at Shalom Center listed English as their first language, 27 percent of Shalom Center residents this past year spoke Spanish as their first language.

Shalom Center served an all-time record of 75 clergy and religious in 2017 for an average stay of 70 days in residence.

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Emery Kibal
Emery Kibal
Oct 24, 2022

Dear Dan. I would like to make sure that you were the one who sent an e-mail to Bishop Emery last friday ?

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